Brenda A. Edwards
More Than You Can See; The White SeriesA Thousand OthersProsperity: The White Series,
Rouge: The White SeriesCitrus Sinensis: The White SeriesIdle ThoughtsClouds IdleTo the Left of the MiddleOne Jewel Shining BrightThe Dusty Veil is OffAll Alone by ItselfPrior to Heaven and EarthPerfect IsolationStanding AloneAppareoMicansResting PlaceCroceusCloser Still
Paintings: The White Series
The foundation of my work is of light and how it occurs and effects the landscape. The White Series, is about a filter to this light and how it distorts the forms of the land and even obscures itself. I am interested in the subtle difference in values and the luminosity of light through fog and mist.

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