Brenda A. Edwards
Stillness Without SeeingDistinguishing Between Profane and SacredWrapped Up In IllusionsThe Right TruthIllusion of EvolutionCreating One's ExistenceIntimate KnowledgeHow Difficult the WayWisdom Seeks NothingFlowers in the SkyNo Separation ExistsWhen No Wind StirsForm Does Not Differ From EmptinessAwareness Is AllThe End of the SearchLimits are Nonexistent
This series is encompassed by many art forms to each express my unrelenting interest the evening sky has on the landscape. Through paintings, I use process and color as my catalyst to define the psychological inquiry. Photography is used only as a step to start the whole process, not as a final product. Watercolors are used as a sketch and to open up the possibilities of composition and color. I use pastels, because of the immediacy it has to be able to build up the rich reds, warm yellows and cool violets and further extend my visual vocabulary.